WBO provides a wide range of quality and personalized services to all our individual and business clients at competitive rates. Listed below are some of the services we provide. Please contact us at info@wboandassociates.com if you do not see a specific service you require.

Tax Planning & Preparation Services

Tax Planning & Preparation Services

Tax preparation and extensive compliance starts with effective tax planning. At WBO, we draw on years of experience in tax research and interpretations to deliver wide-ranging, tailored and optimal tax strategies for our individual, tax-exempt, and for-profit clients.

The Tax Planning & Preparation Services we provide include:

 Tax Planning and Preparation Guidance, including Business Entity Formation Analyses

 Research and Updates on Tax Laws and Regulations

 Comprehensive Federal, State and Local Tax Filing compliance for Individuals, Partnerships, Non-Profits, Tax-Exempts, and For-Profits

 Tax Preparation assistance

 Sales Tax

 Audit Representation, Defense and Appeals

 International Taxation

 Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

To see how WBO can help you better manage your tax planning and preparation needs, please contact us at info@wboandassociates.com or call 301-390-3100.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

At WBO, we offer a wide range of Accounting and Bookkeeping services for organizations of all sizes. We especially pride ourselves in the attention, personalized service and level of detail we deliver to our clients.

The Accounting & Bookkeeping Services we provide include:

 Financial Statement Compilations

 Periodic Bookkeeping / Write-Ups

 Agreed Upon Procedures

 Financial Forecasts & Projections

 Updates on Accounting Standards and Regulations

To see how WBO can help you better manage your accounting and bookkeeping needs, please contact us at info@wboandassociates.com info@wboandassociates.com or call 301-390-3100.

Business Outsourcing Services

Business Outsourcing Services

Managing and growing an organization usually entails balancing various demands, opportunities and regulatory requirements with limited internal resources. At WBO, we offer a cost-effective Business Outsourcing solution to help augment any resource or skills gap. Your management can leave the routine, tedious or specialized tasks to us, leaving management with the peace of mind needed to drive your organization forward. We provide outsourced, as-needed professional firm expertise you can draw on at your convenience and at a fraction of the cost of dedicated internal resources. We are able to take up specific tasks, replace staff positions, or undertake your entire accounting and bookkeeping function.

The Business Outsourcing Services we offer include:

 CFO / Financial Controller Services

 Financial Statement Preparation and Support

 Budgeting

 Cash Flow Management and Projections

 Payroll Services

 Board Meeting Reporting and Presentations Support

 Audit Preparation Support, including preparations of Working Paper Schedules, Tax Provisions and Stock Option Fair Value Calculations

 General Ledger Accounts Maintenance and Reconciliations

 Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Processing

 Research, Compliance and Application of New Accounting Principles and other Regulations

 Due Diligence Guidance and Support

 Fixed Asset Tracking and Accounting

To see how WBO can help you better manage your Business Services Outsourcing needs, please contact us at info@wboandassociates.com or call 301-390-3100.

Financial Planning & Management Consultancy Services

Financial Planning & Management Consultancy Services

WBO remains the trusted partner of choice for organizations seeking dedicated attention and unparalleled service. We support individuals, businesses and business owners in assessing the competitive landscape and devising strategies for mitigating and navigating through the challenges posed by uncertain operating environments. We also assist in the structuring of complex transactions aimed at enhancing personal financial planning to deliver optimal and efficient results.

The Financial Planning and Management Consultancy Services we offer include:

 Strategic Planning

 Internal Controls Review, including Accounting Compliance and Reporting

 Organizational Design and Development

 Sarbanes-Oxley Analysis

 Business Valuations

 Project Planning and Management

 Request-For-Proposal (RFP) Preparation

 Accounting Software Selection, Design and Implementation

 Management of Third-Party Contractors

 Mergers and Acquisition, including Business Acquisitions and Dispositions

 Retirement and Estate Planning, including Business Succession Planning

 Personal Financial Planning

To see how WBO can help you better manage your financial planning & management consultancy needs, please contact us at info@wboandassociates.com or call 301-390-3100.